Administration // Work distribution

1. Sh. Rajesh Chandra, IDAS, Addl CDA

Overall incharge of all Audit sections; Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO)

2. Shri Pritam Dutta, IDAS, DyCDA

AN-Sections, AN cash (cash officer), DAD Project, Fund Cell, NPS Cell, CSD Canteen, TA Section, R&D Section, O&M Section, D Section, Wet Canteen.

3. Shri Rankaj Prakash Singh, IDAS, DCDA

E Section, M Section, Stores Audit, Internal Audit and Pay (All).

4. Shri Mohit Sharma, IDAS, ACDA

Stores Contract, ECHS Cell, Single window, ORs Cell, Hindi Cell, Accounts section, IT&S Section, OA Cell, and Incharge of all IT projects

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