Administration // Main Office Sections


  • Preparation of the schedules from punching media and supporting vouchers in respect of remittance heads.
  • Maintenance of Debt head registers
  • Settlement of Transactions for payments made and receipts realized.
  • Reconciliation of Balances as per monthly statement of closing balances of R.B.I (CAS), Nagpur, with the balances worked out in the books of the Controllers .
  • Watching clearance of the outstanding in respect of suspense heads under the Defence Proforma Account – Remittance into Banks/Treasuries “Cheques and Bills”, Reserve Bank suspense, Reserve bank Suspense Unclassified and the Remittance heads-Accounts with States, P.A.O of Ministries.
  • Accounting and adjustment of transactions relating to DAD Receipts and Expenditure.
  • Processing of transactions relating to Exchange Accounts between Controllers of Defence Accounts
  • Watching progress of expenditure against allotments in respect of locally controlled heads, rendition of monthly statements of expenditure to the local controlling authorities.
  • Review of compilation
  • Maintenance of Defence ledger
  • Appropriation reports
  • Preparation of Reviews of Balances in respect of Defence and DAD
  • Issue of amendments to the Code heads relating to RDR Pamphlet and Classification Hand Book of Defence Services- Receipts and Charges.
  • Issue of Accounts Circulars on various accounting matters initiated by C.G.D.A. New Delhi



  • General administration of the office and all its sub-offices.
  • Establishment of the office and all its sub-offices.
  • Recruitment of Gp C & D staff
  • Postings & transfers
  • Temporary Duty moves – IDAS officers.
  • Deputation, resignation etc.
  • Conduct & Discipline.
  • Immovable & Movable property permissions/returns.
  • Annual Confidential Reports – AAOs & above.
  • Application for outside employment.
  • NOC for higher studies/Passport/visiting abroad.
  • Conducting of ROC meeting. Dealing with Association related activities.
  • Diarisation and distribution of Secret, Confidential, Demi-Official letters and other communications received in the office.
  • Periodical Reports & returns.
  • Maintenance of Cash Book and other allied registers.
  • Delegation of financial powers to IDAS Officers.
  • All work regarding DASCB
  • Conducting of Departmental Examinations in respect of Supr (Accts) Grade Exam, SAS Preliminary Test, SAS Part – I, SAS Part – II, Written Test for Educationally qualified Gp ‘D’ Staff and Typing Test for Record Clerks.
  • Publication of Holidays list for DAD.


  • Liaising with Govt. Counsel, Branch Secretariat, Ministry of Law and Justice, other co-respondents/co-applicants, as the case may be, and other sections of Main Office for smooth and speedy processing of court cases.
  • Keeping track of cases at other stations, wherein the organisation of PCDA(CC), Lucknow is impleaded as a party.
  • Maintaining up-to-date information about the cases
  • Rendering monthly reports to HQrs Office on the present position.
  • Processing legal fee bills.
  • Vigilance.
  • Right to Information Act
  • Dealing with grievances/complaints.


  • Office Security and care of office building, furnitures, typewriters, duplicators, and other machines etc.,
  • Office contingency and miscellaneous expenditures.
  • Disbursement & accounting of cash.
  • Processing of proposals for transfer of land and construction of DAD Projects.
  • Proper upkeep and maintenance of Office/Residential Accommodation through MES.
  • Budget Management relating to DAD Projects, allotment of residential and hostel type accommodation to DAD officers and staff and hiring of shops and community hall.
  • Care Taking of DAD Residential Accommodation at Lucknow.
  • Booking of Guest House and Holiday Homes for DAD Officers and Staff


  • Preparation of Adjudication reports for Financial upgradations under ACP, confirmation and promotions upto Gp ‘B’ level.
  • Grant of Special Pay and Special Allowances
  • Counting of Former Civil/Military Service with DAD
  • Audit and Payment of Office Contingency bills in respect of all DAD Offices under PCDA(CC) organisation.
  • Regularisation of leave for periods beyond the delegated powers to other subordinate officers/offices.
  • Maintenance of Service Records of all DAD personnel up to the level of AAO.
  • Sanctioning of Annual Service Increments.
  • Publication of Monthly leave Part II Order upto the level of AAO.
  • Annual Service Verification and attestation of service records by each individual concerned.


  • DAD Officers/staff are the customers of this section
  • Regular Pay Bills/ Sy.Bills
  • Other Personal Claims like GPF Withdrawals, Tuition Fee claims etc.
  • Pay fixation consequent on promotion, revision of scales etc.
  • Adjustment of Military Receivable Orders relating to DAD Remittances


  • Preparation of Budget Estimates in r/o locally controlled heads and connected work.
  • Work relating to HBA advances, Conveyance advance, Fan advance, Computer advance etc.,
  • Issue of CGHS cards and other works connected with CGHS.
  • Processing of Pension Papers for grant of Pension and Family Pension respecting DAD Officers and Staff of the organisation.
  • TA/DA Claims,LTC Claims,& Medical Claims of DAD employees


  • Audit of all claims on account of pay and allowances and pass the same for payment in respect of Civilian Gazetted Officers and Non-Gazetted employees paid from the Defence service Estimates.
  • Classification of all receipts and payments brought to account through pay bills or other claims dealt with in the section.
  • Audit and payment of Advances and Withdrawals from the General Provident Fund.
  • Fixation of Pay on account of promotions and up-gradations under ACP scheme.
  • Verification of Service on completion of 25 Years of Service.
  • Audit and verification of Data Sheets and its transmission to PCDA (P), Allahabad, for grant of various pensions.
  • Audit and verification of Documents and its transmission to CDA (Funds), Meerut, for final payment of accumulations in GPF.
  • Data entry of GPF schedules on project ‘NIDHI’


  • To arrange for Cash assignments on treasuries and banks.
  • To indent for cheque books, accounting and their safe custody.
  • To pay all passed bills received from other sections through NEFT/CMP/Cheque.
  • To dispatch cheque silps.
  • To maintain a daily record of the reconciliation made between the totals of daily payment sheet and schedule III.


  • Projection of Budgetary demand & Preparation of Expenditure Report on EDP Budget.
  • Procurement & maintenance of IT H/w for the organization.


  • Scrutiny of administrative approval and technical sanctions.
  • Scrutiny of contracts concluded by AGE(i), GE, CWE & CE.
  • Scrutiny of deviation orders and amendments issued by engineering authority.
  • Audit and authorisation of claims arising out of MES contracts etc.(final bills).
  • Check of appropriations and re-appropriations.
  • Scrutiny of re-appropriation statements of buildings.
  • Scrutiny of demolition statements.
  • Submission of prescribed reports and returns in connection with the accounting and audit of MES expenditure.
  • Preparation of annual review of MES expenditure and financial stock taking in MES.
  • Provision of cash assignments to MES officers/DEOs.
  • Receipt of punching medium from various AAOs GE, printed compilation from EDP centre and their verification.
  • Receipt of monthly expenditure returns from the GEs and their acknowledgement.
  • Cases of higher audit objections.
  • Audit reports to higher authorities.
  • Questions relating to recovery of licence fee and allied charges.
  • Cases involving criticism of administrative authorities on the acceptance of tenders or the working of contracts.
  • Post audit of RARs paid by AO(GEs)/AAO(GEs) on works contract and suppliers bills, tarrif bills etc.


  • Fund cell ensures that all the GPF schedules are properly received from the pay audit sections after passing the pay bills.
  • Reconcile the compiled actual and schedule amounts through the medium of schedule control register.
  • Correspondence with Units/pay audit sections and obtain clarification, corrections etc on the observations thrown out during review of the fund accounts
  • Obtaining wanting schedules, missing credits details from Units and pay audit sections.
  • Finally ensuring that the cleaned data/error free data, entered online by the concerned Pay sections/Area Account Offices/AO GEs on project ‘NIDHI’, is sent to CDA (Funds) Meerut through electronic data transfer for incorporation in CCO-9 Statement of Accounts of every year.


    • Hindi Cell provides various Forms and letters frequently used in PCDA(CC), Lucknow in Bilingual.
    • General Orders like Decisions, Instructions, Office Orders (Part I & Part II), Admin Orders, Section Orders, Circulars, Memorandums, Rules, Notifications, Resolution Administrative or other Reports or Press communiqués (b) Contracts and agreements executed, Licences, Permits, Notices and Forms of tender; issued under Section 3(3) of the Official Language Act 1963 are prepared in bilingual.
    • Under Rule 11 of Official Language Rules 1976 Manuals, Forms, Name plates, Rubber Stamps are prepared in bilingual.


    • Hindi Training:
      A roster of Hindi qualification of all the officers/ employees of PCDA(CC), Lucknow is kept by Hindi Cell. 
      The target for all types of Hindi Training has been fixed at 100% in the Annual Programme issued by the Govt. of India, Min. of Home Affairs, Dept. of Official Language. Officers/ employees of the organization are nominated in Hindi Typing, Hindi Stenography, Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya courses as per the schedule received from the Hindi Teaching Scheme. After passing the concerned course those who fulfill the eligibility criteria are also granted Cash Prize and Personal Pay.
    • Organization of Hindi Workshop:
      Hindi workshops are organized from time to time for the officers/ employees having working knowledge/ proficiency in Hindi to remove the hesitation in doing the official work in Hindi.
    • Meeting of the Official Language Implementation Committee (OLIC):
      By the end of every quarter the meeting of the Official Language Implementation Committee is conducted in Main Office, PCDA(CC), LUCKNOW.
    • Hindi Divas/ Pakhwada:
      Hindi was adopted as the Official Language of the Union of India on 14th September, 1949. Therefore, this day is celebrated every year as Hindi Day. Hindi Fortnight and Hindi Day are celebrated in the month of September in the Main Office and sub-offices of PCDA(CC), Lucknow to encourage the Officers/ employees of the organizaiton to work in Hindi.


  • To issue Part I Office Orders and Circulars relating to pay & Allowances of PBORs.
  • To maintain master notebook of all orders pertaining to this organization.
  • To maintain order files separately on each subject.
  • To obtain rulings from the authorities concerned on points of doubt in the application of orders on pay matter of PBOR.
  • To prepare compendium of scattered orders.
  • To ensure uniformity in application of rules and orders by all PAO (ORS).
  • To ensure improvement and simplification of work.
  • To make proposals to the Hqrs for corrections to OM X Vol I, II and III.
  • To watch the progress of work through statistical reports.
  • Render audit reports to higher administrative authorities on regularization of Debit balance, irregular absence, irregular enrolment, losses etc.
  • To compile and render various MIS reports such as IRLA progress reports, Debit balance reports ACR master missing etc.
  • To maintain and circulate EDP Instructions received from Hqrs office.
  • To maintain and circulate amendment to Appendix ‘J’ received from Army Hqrs.
  • Monitoring of complaints in respect of PBOR received from various authorities including CGDA.
  • To carry out IDAS review of the PAOs and analyse the deficiencies.


  • Payment of miscellaneous expenditure bills.
  • Payment of recurring and non-recurring charges
  • Imprest advances- payment, compilation, demand intimation& acknowledgements.
  • Release of grants and post audit of grants accounts.
  • Pursuit of post audit objections and maintenance of APR
  • Scheduling of vouchers to LAOs and watching for acknowledgements.


  • Design, Development, Implementation & Maintenance of the following Modules under OA Package:
  • Dak Diarisation - Records Section,Admin Section
  • Bill Passing - Stores,Misc.,Engineering,Transport,Civilian Pay, Admin pay, Admin, Accounts Sections.
  • EFT/ECS/Cheque Payments - Disbursement Section
  • LCH/Cheque Linking/DHR - Accounts Section
  • Imparting training to the users on operation of OA Modules.
  • Financila Compilation.


  • Ensure Rational Organisation by keeping in view span of controls and scalar process to assess requirement of staff on scientific basis through methods study and standard norms in the areas allotted by the CGDA and to review the same through periodical systematic review.
  • Handling of grievances received through CPGRAM website and PCDA(CC) website.


  • Yearly Conduct Inspection of various Sections in the Main Office and Sub-Offices.
  • Test check of bills passed by Audit sections.


In the light of modern management practices to study existing procedures, review and suggest improvements.


Conduct In-House training as per Local requirement.


  • Payment of medical advance/final claims in respect of civilians working in units and formations under the audit jurisdiction of the PCDA(CC), Lucknow.
  • Watching of submission of final claims in respect of medical advances.
  • Adjustment of MROs pertaining to refund of unspent portion of medical advances.
  • Rendering of audit report in respect of emergency treatment cases.


  • To receive all Inward DAK from Units/Formations.
  • Sorting the DAK, allotting of DAK_ID Numbers to Bills, Valuables etc., and Distribute to the Concerned Sections for Audit and Payment.
  • Distribution of Confidential/Secret/CGDA letters.
  • Maintenance of Office Library; Issue of Books of Regulations, Codes and Manuals.
  • Corrections to Books of Regulations and updation.
  • Dispatch of Outward DAK to various Units/Formations, Offices etc.
  • Maintenance of Franking Machine/Duplicating Machine, Service Labels etc.,
  • Procurement of Forms/Stationery and Supply there of to Main Office and Sub-Offices under PCDA(CC), Lucknow.
  • Duplicating/Stencil of Part I, Part II Office Orders, Instructions and Circulars.
  • Maintenance and Disposal of Time barred Old Records.


  1. Pre-scrutiny of CST relating to ASC, etc. contracts
  2. Scrutiny of contracts and amendments thereto
  3. Audit and payment of claims on account of S & S Imprest held by Supply Depots ASC etc
  4. Scheduling of CRVs for LP stores to LAOs
  5. All work relating to Security Deposits on contracts
  6. Payment and Pre-audit of bills with respect to Army Commander's Special Financial Powers and IT grants.
  7. Payment of Ration Money Allowance of Service Officers.


  • Compilation of Cash Accounts of Military Farms.
  • Audit of sale accounts and bills on account of auctioneers’ commission
  • Adjustment of MROs on account of hospital stoppage rolls, loss of stores, hiring of Govt. transport for amenity purposes, etc.
  • Claims on account of expenditure incurred by the Defence Services in connection with Aid to Civil Power.
  • Adjustment of claims for losses of stores in transit.


  • To pay advance of travelling allowance of civilians admissible under rules and to watch their adjustment.
  • To deal with the claims for travelling allowance (including conveyance allowance).
  • To deal with claims for transportation charges debitable to the annual training grant.
  • To deal with claims for daily allowance of service officers undergoing courses of instructions.
  • To audit road and river warrants and to deal with claims for road and river journeys when warrants are not issued.
  • To deal with air passage and air freight claims.
  • To audit travel concessions claims of civilian Government servants availed during leave.
  • To audit T.A. claims of civilian Government servants proceeding on retirement.


  • Receipts, examination and circulation of Government letters, etc., in respect of matters affecting local audit of stores account or others checks carried out by LAO.
  • Examination of defence expenditure with view to exploring ways and means of achieving economy where practicable.
  • Consolidation and editing of the quarterly report on major financial and accounting irregularities (MFAI).
  • Consolidation and rendition to CGDA of annual audit certificate.
  • Tendering financial advice to the local administrative authorities and rendition of quarterly report to CGDA.
  • Disposal of special reports and outstanding objection of units and formation moving out of command or disbanded.
  • Local Audit tour programme & Completion Report.
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